Doubling The Loan Book

“How do we double a loan book?” that was a question posed by the Solution Centre’s founding credit unions.

In our 3 year plan – Vision 2020, we formulated an ambitious strategy to put in place the structures to do just that and I am delighted that many of the credit unions actively engaged with us are on course to achieve remarkable loan growth.

This is a wonderful example of credit union leaders executing a shared vision and proving that collaboration is successful for those willing to work together.

Today we would like to share with you some of the impressive figures generated through our digital marketing and mortgage initiatives.

Please do stay tuned over the coming weeks as we also have some very exciting new launches coming up.

Beating 2017

Digital Marketing Q1 2018

Our digital marketing shared service delivered its strongest performance yet in terms of both lead volumes and quality of enquiries.

The break even on campaign costs a credit union needs to convert just 0.79% of inbound queries.

We’ve highlighted some of the results from Q1 2017 below.

If you would like to see how digital marketing can help your credit union please get in touch.

0 Years
Average Repayment Duration of Loan Enquiries
Average Principal From Enquries
Potential Gross Profit From Loan Enquiries

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Enabling Long Term Lending

SAM Mortgage Framework

The Mortgage Framework is a full toolkit to help credit unions provide a compliant mortgage product to their members.

It includes all necessary policies, procedures and documentation supported by a bespoke IT system, SAM.

Loan book growth targets require a lengthening of average terms and so mortgages play an important role for credit unions in diversifying their portfolio.

Margins are however very tight on this product, which is why the framework is so cost efficient and aimed at facilitating credit unions to do the business themselves.

Average Mortgage
Average LTV
Average Term
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