Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to remain engaged with existing members.

Here is one example of how we can help (Capital Case Study)

We have partnered with Sensor Pro to offer credit unions a heavily discounted price because we buy in bulk for a group of credit unions.

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Our powerful integration software allows us to quickly and seamlessly connect your existing website with the Hive platform.

Now enquiries from Members will integrate into one platform making GDPR compliance easier while vastly improving Member experience as leads are actioned quickly and response times improved.

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Tablets are a cost-effective technology for credit unions to engage with Members offsite or enable loan enquiries directly from local retailers. There are however a number of cyber-security requirements that must be satisfied so we have a managed solution to address these.

We have a White Paper on the use of tablets which is available to credit unions who invested in our Digital Transformation Programme. If your credit union was a Leader CU please contact us for a copy.

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Collaborative Marketing

We exist to help credit unions work together to grow their business. We are always happy to have the opportunity to work on collaborative marketing campaigns, check out a sample portfolio below;



Please contact us if you are working on a collaborative campaign.

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CRM Outbound

Outbound marketing is a very effective way of growing business from the existing Member base. As we build integrations between the banking systems and Hive we will have real-time data to enable outbound marketing. Check back soon for more details.

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Percolate automatically assigns a Members correct Eircode based on the address they are typing into an online form. It then cross references this against a list of every Eircode within a credit unions common bond map. This is an impressive and seamless Member experience and significantly reduces staff time actioning enquiries from applicants outside of bond.

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Line of Credit

Check Back Soon For More Details.

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SME Lending Framework

Coming Q2 2019. Check back soon for more details

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Student Lending Framework

Coming Q4 2019. Check back soon for more details.

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Home Improvement Lending

Lending for home improvements is all about messaging. Check out some of our successful campaigns below;

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