Joining Us FAQs

Currently we are not affiliated with CUDA, is CUDA affiliation required to utilise the services of the Solution Centre?

No. The Solution Centre is independent but we have agreed that membership of the Solution Centre comes with a host of benefits provided by CUDA including access to the Credit Union Support Platform, legal and compliance supports, regulatory supports and training supports.

Our common bond is restricted to an industry sector/organisation will we still benefit from membership of the Solution Centre?

Yes, the Solution Centre works with both community and industrial credit unions and works on a range of projects of benefit to both.

We have retained a marketing agency to handle our marketing efforts, is it still possible for us to benefit from the digital marketing project?

We frequently and successfully work with partner agencies. We also work to foster collaboration which means member credit unions often share information and intelligence so collaboration with other agencies needs only to be managed in areas where conflict of interest may arise.

Our credit union is affiliated with the Irish League of Credit Unions, does this exclude us from participating in the Solution Centre?

The Solution Centre is open to every credit union regardless of affiliation. The only requirement is that members are committed to the principle of co-operation amongst co-operatives.