Show What's Possible With a Credit Union Loan

Affordability Calculator Results

The affordability calculator was first ranged in April 2018.  Our figures show how it is starting to affect applicant behaviour.

We expect that campaigns that focus on it as a point of conversion will experience an overall effect of increasing borrowing across other channels.

Increase on Loan Amount Applied For
Average Principal From Affordability Enquiries
Average Duration of Loans from Affordability Calculator

In campaigns where they are offered a choice of how they would like to engage with the CU this represents the proportion choosing affordability calculator over a quote calculator.

This shows that users prefer the feedback the affordability calculator gives especially considering short online attention spans and the extra effort in filling out the longer form.

In markets where the affordability calculator is ranged we can see the average borrowing applied for increases substantially.

When compared to leads that came from standard repayment quoting calculators the difference is as high as 26%.

Multichannel Campaigns

Marketing Affordability

The marketing campaign around affordability calculator is around the theme of Dream Big which Dundalk Credit Union developed.

We branded the calculator using a 1950s Americana Aesthetic for the initial campaigns which were run across

  • Facebook
  • Google Display, Gmail and Search
  • Ezines

For an example of a campaign landing page and email please visit the links below:

Dream Big 

Credit Union Campaign Email

The following are video and display content ranged in the campaign.  The click through rate for our display campaigns was three times the national average for financial services.